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Welcome to my blog. I post daily (more or less) forecasts of the general astrological weather and weekly horoscopes by rising sign. Occasionally I post more in-depth articles about longer term planetary transits.

Cancer Rising

Cancer Rising

For the week beginning with the Leo New Moon, July 31 — August 6:

Your Leo second house is a busy place this week with Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars in residence. The second house represents finances, personal resources, and self-worth.

The Leo New Moon takes place at 8˚ Leo on Wednesday, July 31st at 11:12 PM EDT, beginning for you a new six-month creative growth cycle regarding second house issues. 

Mercury, planet of communication, went retrograde in your second house on July 7th, asking you to review your finances, personal resources, and to consider how you value yourself. Mercury then backed up into your Cancer first house where he is currently standing still, asking you to look back at issues involving your identity, vitality, and health. You may be getting clear on a path forward in these areas as Mercury turns direct on Wednesday night.

Venus, planet of relationships, women, beauty, and self-worth, entered your Leo second house of finances, personal resources, and self-worth on July 27th. On Thursday, August 1st, Venus will face a challenging square to Uranus, agent of change, currently in your Taurus eleventh house of friends and wider networks. You may face unexpected disruptions or sudden change involving relationships or finances.

You folks that have Cancer rising probably heave a heavy sigh when I mention relationships. Since you have Capricorn in the seventh house of relationships, and since Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node have been moving through Capricorn for months (some call this combo ‘the meatgrinder’) I expect you have been dealing with relationship challenges for a while now. That line-up of Capricorn heavy-hitters is also opposing your first house of vitality and health, leaving you feeling ground down. Take good care of yourself first and foremost. We’re not done with ‘the meatgrinder’ for a few more months.

Uranus has been instigating changes in your eleventh house for a few months now. You probably have already experienced unexpected events or exciting changes regarding friends, acquaintances, and wider circles in which you participate.

On Tuesday August 6th, the Sun, ruler of your Leo second  house of finances and self-worth moves into a flowing and fiery trine with Jupiter in your Sagittarius sixth house of work and service, health, routine. Perhaps money flows in as a result of your work or service? Or at the very least, you feel vibrant and optimistic!

Jupiter has been moving through your sixth house for a few months now, so you may have already experienced growth or expansion in your work or service. 

Gemini Rising

Gemini Rising