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Welcome to my blog. I post daily (more or less) forecasts of the general astrological weather and weekly horoscopes by rising sign. Occasionally I post more in-depth articles about longer term planetary transits.

Leo Rising

Leo Rising

For the week beginning with the Sagittarius 2nd Quarter Moon, September 5 - September 13, 2019:

The overall focus for you this week, Leo, is still on your second house of self-worth and finances. The four busy planets in Virgo — Venus, your ruling Sun, Mars, and Mercury -- interact this week with planets in your fifth, sixth, and eighth houses.

The 2nd quarter Moon occurs in your Sagittarius fifth house of creativity and children. The Moon is halfway between new and full, marking a choice-point, a place where we need to make decisions and take action.

The quarter can be an uncomfortable time. For you, Leo, this choice likely has to do with your creativity as relates your identity and sense of self-worth. Or perhaps some decision needs to be made around your children and finances.

You’ve likely had some good fortune or expansion regarding fifth house matters in the past few months as beneficent Jupiter has moved through his home of Sagittarius. Now is time for some adjustment.

The difficulties between second house and fifth house continue throughout the week as all the planets moving through your Virgo second house of self-worth and finances take turns squaring Jupiter in your fifth house of creativity. Because Jupiter is a beneficial planet, this challenge is not as destructive as it might be with a square to Saturn or Pluto. The challenge can show up in the form of going overboard in some way. Perhaps you’ve blown the budget in your creative pursuits? You’d be wise to leave credit cards at home this week.

Also this week, your ruler Sun, Mercury, and Mars form stabilizing trine aspects to Saturn in your Capricorn sixth house (Venus did on the 1st.) You have a sense of groundedness and stability in the area of your job or service you perform for others.

You may have encountered limitations, heaviness, or blockages regarding your job or service in the past several months as Saturn has moved through your sixth. Perhaps this limitation has affected your ability to do your day job or your relationships with co-workers. Things will begin to turn around for you in this area as retrograde Saturn turns direct on September 18.

The Moon enters your Capricorn sixth house on Saturday, September 7, bringing emotional focus to this area.

Soon after each planet in Virgo completes its contact with Saturn, it moves into flowing contact with Pluto. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun trine Pluto this week, allowing to come to light some issues that have been repressed or hidden. You can process this information now and use it for positive transformation, even if you could not face it before.

The Moon enters your seventh house of relationships Monday, September 9, bringing your emotional focus to your partnerships, either intimate or professional.

And finally, those busy Virgo planets take turns opposing Neptune in your Pisces eighth house of other people’s money and end-of-life issues - Venus last week, Mercury and the Sun this week, and Mars next week - suggesting tension and confusion or a lack of clarity regarding money you are receiving from others as loans, rebates, or inheritance.

The Moon enters your eighth house on Thursday, September 12, bringing emotional focus to this foggy realm. Then the Pisces Full Moon takes place here on Saturday, September 14, fully illuminating the mists.

Later that day, the emphasis will begin to shift away from Virgo as Mercury and Venus move into your Libra third house of communication and siblings.

Cancer Rising

Cancer Rising