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Welcome to my blog. I post daily (more or less) forecasts of the general astrological weather and weekly horoscopes by rising sign. Occasionally I post more in-depth articles about longer term planetary transits.

Cancer Rising

Cancer Rising

For the week beginning with the waxing Quarter Moon in Scorpio, August 7 - August 14th:

I hope you Cancerians are feeling joyful, radiant, and abundant as the personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars) gather in your Leo 2nd house of self-worth, finances, and personal resources. 

We begin the 2nd lunar quarter on Wednesday, August 7th, exact at 1:31 PM EDT. This quarter Moon asks you to take action on the seeds planted or ideas germinated at the Leo New Moon regarding your self-worth, finances, and personal resources. You might find that you need to make some adjustment in your creative life or with your children so you can proceed with your course of action.

On Thursday, August 8th, Venus - planet of beauty, self-worth, and money or resources -  in your Leo 2nd house forms a beautiful flowing exchange with Jupiter in your Sagittarius 6th house of work and service, health, and routine, suggesting that your self-worth (or bank account!) is fed by expansion of service you provide to others. Or perhaps Venus helps to bring resources to soothe any health issues which have arisen lately. 

The Moon, your planetary ruler, enters your Sagittarius 6th about the same time, bringing strong emotional focus to this area of work and service, health, and routine.

August 11th is a busy day among the planets as Jupiter turns direct, Mercury enters Leo, and Uranus turns retrograde. 

Since April, retrograde Jupiter has been asking you to review your beliefs or your spiritual growth in the area of work and service, health, and routine. He is almost stopped now at 14˚ Sagittarius and will begin to creep forward on August 11th. By then you should have a renewed sense of optimism and expansion in this area. 

Also on August 11th, Mercury re-enters your Leo 2nd house, picking up speed after his backward movement into Cancer. Mercury joins the Sun, Venus, and Mars in Leo, placing even more emphasis on this area. Mercury can help you gather your  thoughts and make plans regarding 2nd house matters. Do you need advice on financial decisions? Now would be a good time for a conversation about your money and resources.

Uranus has been parked at 6˚ Taurus for weeks now and will turn retrograde on August 11th. You’ve been feeling his presence especially in your area of friends and wider networks since May, and possibly last fall as well. Uranus is the planet of change and revolution. He often brings sudden and unexpected disruption. Think back to May of this year, and also to May through October of last year when Uranus was briefly in Taurus. What has changed for you regarding friends or larger groups to which you belong?

On August 14th, Venus joins the Sun in your 2nd house. Venus is on fire, the center of attention, and she wants you to be too. Ask for the recognition you deserve, financially or otherwise. And remember to acknowledge the worth of others and be generous with your resources!

Gemini Rising

Gemini Rising